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Ten-pin bowling lane - design and equipment

Ahlborn Kegel- und Bowlingbahnenbau GmbH bowling lanes provide fantastic recreational enjoyment, with individual designs tailored to your specific concept, the latest equipment and unlimited opportunities for fun and excitement. Whether an upgrade or new build, we are your partner for the planning and professional provision of all bowling lane construction services.

Centre management system

Our centre management system is customised to the requirements of the operator and the staff.

You control all the lanes, precisely bill the time and game/frame, print player results and can provide a full earnings analysis all from a central point, the counter.

Scoring software

Professional scoring software from Germany! For virtually every bowling system.

Our scoring system is more attractive, more extensive and offers greater enjoyment than any competitor systems. A range of actions, such as strikes, gutter balls, splits, fouls and nine pins are met with an additional animation.
Party games, such as coffin, a drinking game and blackjack, pyramids, Christmas tree and a strip game games means that you can also provide fun and games for adults right up to the end!

Centre setup

Your bowling centre is a representative location that should reflect your corporate philosophy. Your interior design must combine comfort, functionality and style to give your bowling centre an individual character.

The “point of sale” is one of the most important contact points between your bowling centre and your customers. Many factors influence consumers at the POS, so the entire room concept as well as the individual items of furniture, down to the last detail must be considered and tailored to the needs and requirements of your customers.

Lighting systems for bowling lanes

Entertain and excite your guests with a combination of light and music. The latest LED and laser technology lets you constantly create new impressions for your customers. The latest Cat5 control unit gives you the opportunity to change the appearance of your centre as you desire to keep your customers enthusiastic and abuzz.


  • Good cost/benefit ratio
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy operation thanks to the Cat5 control unit
  • Maintenance-free operation

You can save up to 70% of your current energy costs with a LED lighting system.

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