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Nine-pin bowling lane - design and equipment

Nine-pin bowling lanes for the highest standards – for ambitious bowlers or for the huge number of people who simply enjoy a game in their spare time. We also provide a range of individual solutions for the catering area. Our pinsetter provides perfect hit results and ensures a smooth game, even in continuous operation.

Control unit

The Vision 2 control unit consists of sophisticated technology for modern nine-pin bowling lanes and its clear operation meets the expectations of serious nine-pin players as well as recreational bowlers.
The Vision 2 control unit is available with the tried and tested membrane keypad or with a contemporary and modern touchpanel.
The touchpanel impresses with its attractive appearance and its intuitive user interface.

Our Vision 2 control unit can be retrofitted to most standard nine-pin bowling lanes.

Info centre

The info centre is an important part of a nine-pin bowling lane. The info centre display on the screen is always positioned in the spectators’ and bowlers’ field of vision and is also a design element.

The bowling screen display is available in the classic and proven design or in a new design with cutting-edge LED display technology. The new design is extremely appealing and the pins knocked down are displayed in the form of LED rings. They are dimmed or fully illuminated depending on the pins that are knocked down.

The bowling screen image and the total displays have a modular structure and can be individually put together.

  • As a single row or double row
  • For all lanes, whether classic, Schere or Bohle lanes

Control centre - the pro competition management for nine-pin bowling lanes

Essential for competition bowling on classic, Bohle and Schere lanes for holding and evaluating nine-pin bowling competitions and championships. The control centre is linked to the nine-pin bowling lane control units. Its simple operation makes it easy to start and manage a competition, even for inexperienced PC users.

Team counter/competition system for nine-pin bowling

Nine-pin bowling clubs can use this competition system to manage their games. Every lane receives a monitor. This monitor shows every player their individual results (strikes, spares, gutter balls, nine pins, bowling total, etc.).

The team display provides every team’s points on a central monitor. This is also where the players’ individual results are shown. A DKB scorecard is automatically printed out. This means that you no longer need to buy expensive lane printers.

Professional scoring

Software from Germany! The innovation in nine-pins.

For the first time ever, your public can now play ten-pin bowling on nine-pin bowling lanes. So, you can also use your nine-pin bowling facility for recreational players. All nine-pin throws are a strike and spares are cleared after 2 throws.

Our scoring system is more attractive, more extensive and offers greater enjoyment than any competitor systems. A range of actions, such as strikes, gutter balls, splits, fouls and nine pins are met with an additional animation.

Setup/lighting technology

Whether classic or modern, our huge selection of seating furniture, tables and counters for nine-pin bowling lanes mean that we have something to suit every taste. The result is long-lasting and practical, without succumbing to the rigidity of bland perfection.

The modern LED lighting technology for the nine-pin status constantly creates new impressions for your recreational bowlers thanks to the latest RGBW technology.

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