Our Pincontrol system is the control element for the modern skittle lane.
The sophisticated technology and user-friendly operation of the Pincontrol system cater to sports and leisure users alike. The professional keyboard ensures maximum reliability.
The Pincontrol system is a key component of a modern, attractive skittle lane. Various display and evaluation systems plus a PC- based competition management program can be connected as required.

The Pincontrol system can be retrofited to most commercially available skittle lanes, and can be optionally equipped with a coin-operated, central control or chip card system for payment purposes.

Comfort version with enhanced features for sports and leisure use.

Sports use:
  • 27 permanently installed programs
  • 19 free programmable programs
  • 53 permanently installed training and special sports programs
  • for Classic and Schere lanes

Leisure use:
  • Various recreational games
  • 18 free programmable programs

Infocenter display

Our Infocenters are display elements providing players with all the necessary information on the current state of play and their individual scores. The information on the display panel is always within the direct field of vision of spectators and players.
The displays consist of individually combinable modules:

  • One-or two- line display
  • for all lane types: Classic, Schere or Bohle

Two- line Infocenter display panel showing all the necessary information for sport players.

  • Automatic score switching from lane to lane
  • Highly durable display elements
  • Individual players´scores clearly visible in infocenter
  • Additional control panel for simple, user-friendly operation

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