Scoring systems / input panel for 9 Pin Bowling lanes

Professional scoring software from Germany!
For nearly all 9 Pin Bowling centers.
Our scoring system is clearly attractiveness from extent and fun as the competition. Many actions, such as for example Strike, split litters, foul-crossing and more are extra Animated. If car racing, jumping frogs and fish swimming, race, children's games are a hit at any birthday party. The party games coffin, drinking game, and Black-Jack, pyramid, tree and strip games make fun and excitement for adults up to the end!
With the Center games Highgame, cannon fodder and acid bath, lanes playing against other lanes.

Game types:

  • Car race
  • Casket match
  • Fir tree game
  • Pyramid
  • Party game
  • Strip puzzle game
  • Strip Bowling
  • Blackjack
  • Centre game cannon fodder
  • Center game acid
  • Tournament Play HighGame
  • Tournament Play Triple X

In addition to the packages you will receive 5 exclusive game Skittles,
have been developed only for bowling:
1. Full Frame (9 litters all the stops. End is the sum of hits)
2. No 3 (9 throws out all the stops, the 3 litters do not count)
3. Cleanup (All players play only Cleaner)
4. Nine Games (For each has made ​​it a point cone Figure 1-9)
5. 3 in a row (they throw the cones 1-9 in nine litters. From 3 numbers
     together the sum is formed.

Management system

Our center management program is tailored to the needs of operators and staff. From a central point of the counter, you control all lanes, settle time and game / Just Frame, Print game results or do a full revenue evaluation.


  • Simple and accurate control of the lanes.
  • Central reservation and customer management.
  • Easy to upgrade service over the Internet.
  • Support almost around the clock.
  • Billing for time and games / frame exactly.
  • Automatic price calculation.
  • High Scores Automatically manage the lanes.
  • Print function of the scores.
  • Full revenue evaluation.
  • Webcam mode to enable players to play in the pictures.
  • Special event control for bowling tournaments
  • and much more.

Fading of advertising texts, images or advertising promotional videos offers an additional revenue source.

Team Counter / Competition system

Bowling clubs to attend this competition system their games. Each car gets a monitor. There, each player gets his individual results (full, scrapers, zero litters, litters 9ner, total of all drafts, etc.).
The team's display represents the points of each team on a Central Display's, where are the individual results of the players appear. Expression and is controlled via a DKB scoresheet completely automatically. You do not need any more expensive web printer.

Official suppliers

the bowling World Cup 2012 from 18th in Bautzen - 05/26/2012


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