Mini Bowling / Crazy Bowler

An adventure for the whole family, for young and old.
Bowling is enjoying a growing popularity, however, the floor space and
the administration of a classic bowling alley often a problem for interested
smaller locations.

Due to the small size allows it to install the CrazyBowler almost anywhere.
In bowling centers, hotels, bars, sports bars and private home, or shopping
centers, theme parks, cruise ships, restaurants and cinemas.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Very good cost / income ratio
  • Small footprint, can be installed almost anywhere
  • No special structural requirements
  • Stand-alone operation, no staff required
  • Coin or central circuit
  • No bowling shoes forced
  • Funny games, action games, and commercials
  • Activity and fun are at the forefront

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There you will find all about the scoring system, more pictures and a configurator for your perfect bowling alley.


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