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High quality 9 Pin Bowling lanes and 10 Pin Bowling lanes „Made in Germany“
-ready to install in one step! The Ahlborn Kegel- und Bowlingbahnenbau GmbH
units a fair consulation, planning support for skittle and Bowling and an expert
implementation under one roof.
Situated in the heart of Europe, we supplies clients worldwide and is well positioned
to meet the needs of existing and new applications.

Challenge us – we will respond with solution!

10 Pin Bowling

Bowling lanes from Ahlborn Kegel- und Bowlingbahnenbau GmbH stan-
ding for intensive several possibilities and fun with quality guarantee!!

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ment system
    Bowling lane light systems    Bowlingcenter facility     Bowling lane configurator     Minibowling/ CrazyBowler    Bowling lane services


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